How to Climb Above Addiction

Step 1) Set a Climb Above Addiction fundraising goal and participate in this year's event . You can fundraise toward this goal as an individual or as a team. Share this fundraising with your social network in an effort to gain donors. Your supporters can click HERE to donate to our beneficiary, Communities for Alcohol- and Drug-Free Youth.






Step 2) Share some facts about addiction, especially the nationwide opioid epidemic, with your social network.


  • New Hampshire is among the top five states with the highest rate of opioid-related deaths.

  • Every day, more than one person in New Hampshire loses their life to drug overdose. ​According to reports in 2018,  more than 452 people overdosed in the state. Across the entire U.S., 174 people died per day from overdosing, CDC data show.


  • People between the age of 18 and 25 are among the opioid epidemic's most highly impacted demographic.

  • The opioid epidemic stands among the deadliest crises in American history. In 2016 alone, drug overdoses killed more Americans than the entire Vietnam War and car crashes, gun violence, and HIV/AIDS ever did in a single year, according to


Step 3) Attend our online event on April 17, 2021, hosted by Plymouth State University, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST where a day of fun-filled activities will be available to you to Climb Above Addiction. All "climbers" are encouraged to participate in this event via our online activities.


















If you are NOT participating in the Plymouth State University online event

If you wish to become a sponsored climber or hiker who does not attend our April 17 online event, contact a licensed guiding service for climbing and safety instruction. If you plan to participate in Climb Above Addiction fundraising indoors, visit a climbing gym and follow that institution's policies and procedures. 


Anyone who chooses to raise money for Climb Above Addiction by climbing, mountaineering, or hiking at a date or place other than online at Plymouth State University on April 17, 2021 is solely responsible for his or her own safety. Climb Above Addiction, Plymouth State University, and all event sponsors assume no responsibility for your actions and safety while raising money for this program. Climbing, mountaineering, and hiking are inherently dangerous activities regardless of your skill level or experience. Understand and accept risks involved before participating. Minors and others not able to assume this responsibility must be under the direct control of an experienced and responsible climber, mountaineer, or hiker. You are responsible for your own decisions and actions. 


Climb Above Addiction has two components:

1. An event hosted by Plymouth State University, ONLINE  starting at 11 a.m. and running until 2 p.m EST. on Saturday, April 17, 2021. The event will bring together our community in a supportive and fun-filled day of activities at a time when people are feeling fragile during the coronavirus pandemic.  There will be music, yoga, meditation, prayer, games, keynote talks, and outdoor climbing inspiration. Register to attend featured speaker at 12 PM.

2. A fundraiser where participants use their social networks to gain financial sponsorships for their participation in Climb Above Addiction. Participants will support prevention and recovery from addiction. THIS IS ONE WAY THAT YOU CAN HELP! Support (me or my team) in our fundraising goal of ($xxx). Donate Here.

Proceeds from the event support funding for CADY (Communities for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth). We aim to support CADY's Restorative Justice Program and Alex's Story.

Describe the event to your social network like this: